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What’s Going on Here and Where Are We Going Now

It’s certainly been a while. What with a combination of work, personal goings on, and also creating content for Re:sPwnd, there haven’t been many hours left in the day for updating anything on here. However, now that I’ve juggled some things around and put my life into some sort of order, I can finally get back to giving you wonderful readers my (possibly unwanted) opinion on the games that are out there. I am also looking to extend my coverage by putting my views on video with Let’s Plays and various other series. To this end I’ve already started an episodic play through of:

Alien: Isolation

And my new series covering Open World Survival games. Here’s:

Episode 1: 7 Days to Die


Episode 2: ARK: Survival Evolved

Hopefully I’ll be able to release various pieces of entertaining content for you on a weekly basis as well as squeezing in some streams on Hitbox. That’s all for now. If you have any questions, then contact me on Twitter as that’s where I’m likely to be.


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