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Hi, I’m Richard and I love gaming. I’ve been playing video games for about thirty years now and I’m not going to stop any time soon. That’s me above. Handsome fella aren’t I?

I’ve decided that I enjoy games to the point where I actually want to write about them. So I will. I’ll be posting up news, reviews, and other little bits and pieces all related to the video gaming universe. Up until recently, I’ve been writing for the site 1P Start, but that site has now been shut down as the owner and myself are looking to build something bigger in the form of ResPwnd. Also, for good or bad, I’m creating my own gaming media site called Zone One Gaming. This will have a slightly different readership as I’ll be aiming at the retro gaming fans as well as the modern gamers. It’s still a little while before they’re ready, although good progress has been made on the construction of both sites. So in the meantime, my gaming thoughts will make an appearance here.

Before we go any further, there are a couple of things you need to know and take on board. The first is that although I’ll do my best to proofread and fully research what I’m writing about, I’m not perfect. So if there’s the odd mistake here or there, then it’s just a simple mistake and not laziness on my part. The second and probably most important part is this: What I write is based solely on my opinion. My opinions might not be everyone else’s opinion. You are perfectly welcome to disagree, but I always ask that a valid reason is there to support that difference of opinion.

That’s about it really. I hope you enjoy my little gaming universe.

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