Hi, I’m Rich (in name only) and I’ve been playing video games for over thirty years. I don’t plan to stop any time soon. This site is where I post my opinions in the form of news, reviews, and other random pieces related to video games. I’ll also occasionally post articles based on non-game related stuff. Maybe a personal diary will be included. I’ve written for other small sites previously. These are 1P Start, ResPwnd, and A Bad Password. For various reasons, I’ve had to move on from these sites, but the experience I have gained has been invaluable.

I don’t have any particular goals for this site. I’m not looking for followers, particular amounts of readers or popularity in general. This is a place to indulge a hobby and a passion. Because of this, there is no schedule for posts. I will post here when I have the time and when I have something I want to share my opinion on. Speaking of opinions, that’s exactly what the posted articles are. My opinion. Some people may read my work and disagree with my opinions, and that’s fine. I only ask for one thing. If you are going to disagree in a verbal manner, please provide a reason for your differing opinion. I like that not everybody agrees with me. It makes for interesting conversation and it can result in the forming of new ideas. I will not try to ram my opinion down your throat, but I will defend it with reasoned argument.

That’s all I think. Welcome to my little gaming corner of the internet.


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