Party Hard – Review

Developer – Pinokl Games, Kverta
Publisher – tinyBuild
Release Date – August 25th 2015
Genre – Action, Stealth, Strategy
PlatformsPC, iOS, Android, XBox One, PS4
Price – £9.99 (Steam)

Oh where to begin. The possibilities are endless.

Have you ever been in that situation where noisy neighbours are preventing you from sleeping? Of course you have. It’s early morning, you have to get up for work in a few hours, but because of some inconsiderate idiots, you’re unable to let your imagination whisk you off to the world of dreams. Now, how many of you have ever done something about it? Probably not many. Party Hard follows the journey of one man who decides to do something about it. Something very permanent. Continue reading “Party Hard – Review”


Beginning With An Up

So Sunday 6th August was a fun day. It was a fun day because it was my birthday. Birthdays tend to be pretty great because you’re allowed to choose what you want to do. As someone who is a gamer and has been playing video games for over thirty years, it would stand to reason that I’d want to do something games related. Continue reading “Beginning With An Up”

What’s Going On…Take 2

Almost two years ago I posted an update on here about what the future was for this site. Well after several false starts, I think I’ve finally got it sorted. I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring together a combination of full time work, streaming games, recording games, non-working responsibilities, studying, working towards my dream career of becoming a Voice Actor, AND creating content for this site. Continue reading “What’s Going On…Take 2”

What’s Going on Here and Where Are We Going Now

This is where I tell you what’s been happening and my future plans.

It’s certainly been a while. What with a combination of work, personal goings on, and also creating content for Re:sPwnd, there haven’t been many hours left in the day for updating anything on here. However, now Continue reading “What’s Going on Here and Where Are We Going Now”

#5: Fuzzy Logic

Shockingly, my memory has returned and as it turns out, I was right all along. I did own Sega’s Master System before venturing into the world of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Continue reading “#5: Fuzzy Logic”

Rollers of the Realm


Name: Rollers of the Realm
Platform: PC, PS4, PSVita
Release Date: 18/11/2014
Developer: Phantom Compass
Publisher: Atlus USA
Genre: RPG/Pinball
Price: $9.99 (Steam)
Themes: Medieval, Fantasy


Look out behind you...
Look out behind you…

In the games industry, you’ll find many ways to take a risk. One of those might be as a publisher, choosing to put your financial and marketing clout behind a studio’s project. Another risk might be as a developer. You’ve been successful with the FPS genre, but now you want to make a sports title. Continue reading “Rollers of the Realm”



Name: LYNE
Platform: PC
Developer: Thomas Bowker
Publisher: Thomas Bowker
Genre: Casual Puzzle
Themes: Colour, Shape, Logic
Release Date: 17th March 2014


The number of levels are pretty much endless.
The number of levels are pretty much endless.

Puzzles? Check. Steady learning curve? Check. Drawing you in to the point where you struggle to put this game down? Well, maybe not, but it will certainly keep you coming back to pick it up. Sydney based developer Thomas Bowker (Phi, Vol, Weave, Hench, and Ten Space), has been inspired with this simple, but fun game that will tie your brain into knots before you even know what happened. Since he likes to spend as much time as possible participating in game jams, simple but fun is a concept he is very familiar with. Continue reading “LYNE”